HowTo make your local WordPress update localy (and be able to install plugins etc.)

So… I think i dont really need another disclaimer… the two in the posts before should be enough, and i plan to put them in the sidebar, beneath the blogposts, so i dont have to write them everytime… will do that soon.

As the name already suggested this post is about making wordpress update locally, not via ftp or ftps (thats whats suggested in nearly every installation).

To do that, you need to put the following line into your wp-config.php:


Thats it.

Just restart your webserver and you should be able to update.

If you still have problems its because wordpress is not allowed to modify the files in your wordpress-directory. Youll have to change the permissions to allow it.

sudo chmod -R 777 /var/www/$yourwordpressfolder

Thats btw not secure at all, because you just gave every user on your server permission to do anything with those files.

As i am lazy it is up to you to determine the right user to give the permissions to.

Generally 770 should also work, btw, but whatever…

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