The unknown path

Many of my friends know that one of my hobbies is analogue photography.

I took the following picture last summer at the North sea.

I called it “The unknown path” for (not complete) obvious reasons.

At first I wanted to call it “Into the unknown” but that would have suggested a moving object. As one can see, both ships arent moving, but the path they’ll take is unknown (and be it just “up” with the tide).

As this is my first picture-post some explaination in general:

I normally take pictures with my analogue equipment and i dont use (software) filters.

The only “filter” i commonly use is the repair-tool for correcting artifacts from scanning the negatives. I use that tool very conservatively and if in doubt i will leave an error in the picture before deleting details of the picture by accident. However – I am too tired right now to explain more; i will post more pictures in the coming days or so – have fun.

P.S.: I plan to create a “Gallery-Site” in WordPress; probably with those pictures all in one place. But thats for my future self as well.

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