Hellriding (the full scope of this pun is an insider)

Okay… So… i planned to visit some old schoolfriends in the city i grew up in (actually in the village beneath, because the parents of a friend i visited are living there, but whatever…)

And as its corona-time right now and i dont have a car and i also dont like to wear masks and as masks are mandatory if you want to board a train… i decided it was a good idea to get there by bike. its not that far. google said its about 75km and my e-bike has a range of about 80km – no problem!

Spoiler: google lied (kind of)…

I navigated with roadsigns – retrospectively that was a (if not the) mistake.

I was 20km away from the village i wanted to be, and suddendly on the next sign i was 40km away. later i found out that they changed the route and made it 20km longer.

google doesnt seem to know it, yet. i cant blame them, it must have been changed within the last 3 weeks.

My battery died after about 70km – it was strong headwind and i was about 3 hours late becaouse for the last 20km my battery and motor were only weights to carry against headwind.

As i got there i was REALLY exhausted….

So… why did i write this post? As an excuse why i didnt write the howto, yet.

But i have to do it soon or i will forget how i did it…

Maybe later today…

on the plus-side: i got some nice motives and hopefully took some good photos… 😀

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