Just writing something…

Okay… I didnt get anything done yet, so i just write what i did the last week or better: what im doing…

I was at the zoo in bremerhaven with my girlfriend last week. i took plenty of pictures but they arent done yet (they are analogue, so they are still in development), so i cant show them, although i think some of them are pretty good.

Then i went stargazing – the comet Neowise (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/C/2020_F3_(NEOWISE)) was still visible and i went with my friends and we took some great photos (digitally, of course). I got the permission to share them here – i will do that in another post. It was a really great night for stargazing!

Then the 3D-Printer broke down again. And i fixed it… again. Honestly: I cant count the number of times i had to repair this damned thing. The nozzle was clogged again. Its the 3rd nozzle in two weeks (and the last one we had). I just replace the whole thing now, because its really much effort to get a really badly clogged nozzle working again. (If i get called because its clogged, freeing it with a small needle has been tried, normally and didnt work…) So… Its working again.

I forgot something, probably, but whatever… I will, however, post one or two nice pictures of the comet and the milkyway in my next post – maybe later today!

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