My HDD broke down

So… for the last couple of weeks my system on the notebook was “hanging” from time to time. as i use linux i am not used to that behavour so i investigated with gnome-disks and got confirmation…

Ignore the assessment and look at the various errors: IDs 1, 5 and 7 are the most telling.

I ordered a new HDD (actually the same i used already) – A Seagate Firecuda with 1TB.

As i am a student, my funds are low and they are available for about 50€ and are reasonably fast with linux, because the system and most used programms fit into the ssd-cache.

Well… the hdd came and… had readerrors right away. shit.

so… i sent it back and bought an ssd from intenso. as i said: funds are low so i could only afford 500GB. the obvious problem: i couldnt just copy the hdd but had to shrink the partitions on the old one.

The TL/DR from this point:

  • i tried to shrink the partition and succeeded BUT probably broke the btrfs root-tree
  • i lost 53kb of data because of the disk-error (unrecoverable read error)
    • i have backups so thats not a problem
  • the copied hdd WOULD NOT START
  • i wasnt able to fix the btrfs root-tree

-> Using btrfs was probably a mistake.

I decided to install a new system as i was annoyed with lubuntu anyway because of the update-notifications and the overall bloatiness of the system.

in my view i had to witness lubuntu changing from a lightweight system for older or smaller devices to an design-alternative to normal ubuntu.

so: what system to use?!

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