Broken HDD – New System!

This is the second part of

So… i decided to use Archlinux! ( )

I have used it in the past and its really lightweight – like REALLY lightweight.

I didnt want to use gentoo because my notebook is a lenovo a275 (the not-intel variant of the x260) and not very powerful. well… archlinux is definetly lightweight…

yesterday i succeded having video and today i got sound 😀

anyway – i have some things i want to write articles about on hold (like the pictures from the visit at the zoo) but i am going to post my experiences with the new system and what i had to do to get it working first, i think.

anyway – lately i am much more motivated to write new posts (i am finally nearly done moving which was… not that pleasent) so i have more mindspace available for this project.

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