Archlinux – what I have ToDo

After installing the base-system and the minimum to work with, i decided that i want to have lxqt with i3 as windowmanager.

i encountered a couple of problems, some anticipated and some unanticipated. it were so many that i decided to post a todo-list. i wont write about every problem, but about the most interesting or annoying ones.

so here is the list: (items with an x behind them have a post on this site)

  • touchpad: tapping (x)
  • splash screen (boot)
  • powertop
  • i3lock
  • aurutils (x)
  • dmenu (x)
  • changing backlight via keypress doesnt work (x)
  • setting up mosh (locales primarily)
  • installing breeze-cursor
  • steam does not work
  • aurutils: password timed out error
  • network-manager and applet
  • sd-card reader doesnt work
  • installing and configuring redshift
  • automating setting neo keyboard layout by default
  • setting up a background-picture

As i said i wont write a post to evey item on the list but the intereseting ones.

if in the future someone should read this and has a problem with an item on that list and there is no post to it, feel free to comment.

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