3D-Movies with ColorCode 3-D glasses and Bino

Once in a while i want to watch a 3D-Movie at home. I know, the hype is over, but i really like it.

So as a student who doesnt have so much money, i am watching the movies with Anaglyph glasses ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anaglyph_3D ). As i am colorblind (red-green deficiency) i have not nearly as many problems with color-perception when using normal red-cyan glasses.

For that you can use a function in the vlc-player and just enjoy the film.

BUT: My girlfriend isnt colorblind and didnt like the colors at all…

After some time of searching the web i found another method of coding 3d with cheap glasses and normal TVs:

ColorCode 3D ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ColorCode_3-D )

It is patented but (maybe because of that) never came to much, sadly.

I had to search even more to find a shop that sells them in germany:


Now that i had the glasses, i needed to be able to encode the movie with the right colors to be able to use them.

For that, bino ( https://bino3d.org/ ) came to the rescue. It was hard to install on my archlinux (and maybe i will cover it in another post) but since its running, i am able to watch my 3D movies with my girlfriend in (nearly) full color.

In my opinion its worth a try, as its a quite cheap method to get many people to enjoy 3D-movies (0,80€ for the glasses vs. idk how many for shutter glasses) and you dont need a special beamer or tv for that.

To be fair: My girlfriend didnt like it that much, but i think that had more to do with the fact that in her opinion the “3d-effect wasnt that obvious” (as many of you know, that has nothing to do with the glasses used, but with the movie etc.) Anyway: She also said that the color-perception was quite good, so thats that…

As for me: I am looking forward to a 3D-Movie-Night with friends, as soon as its allowed again!

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