I dont like advertisements… PI-Hole for Smartphones!

Well… I recently bought some PS3s because they’re cheap and the last console-generation (to my knowledge) that is (comparatively) easy to jailbreak. But thats another story. Its just the reason that made me do the things i want to tell now. I started youtube on my PS3 and… got advertisements.

Disclaimer on the beginning: I didnt manage to completely block youtube-ads with Pihole, so if thats your goal: dont bother reading further.

As i was trying to block youtube, i noticed its pretty effective against mobile advertisements on my phone.

There were several problems: The PI was only running behind a NAT in my LAN, and my phone isnt rooted so i couldnt set DNS-Resolvers globaly.

The first problem was resolved by me remembering a virtual server i have rented, and installing pihole there:

On that IP i am running the pihole now. After solving that problem, i quickly noticed another problem: PiHole doesnt seem to be able to block malicious clients, so i nearly instantaneously got traffic from two clients demanding IPs for “.” and “sl”.

I blocked them manually and havent got any problems with it so far, and i am unsure if it was just stupidity or malicious. Whatever – manually blocking ips doesnt scale well so i am happy that there were only two.

The second problem i had was, as mentioned above, that my phone isnt rooted and i couldnt simply change my DNS-Resolvers globally. I got around that problem by finding… an APP (who would have guessed).

The Problem is that i wanted to use pihole for more privacy and to use just the first that changes dns-servers isnt the best idea, probably as its possible for those to get quite some insight in my surfing (and app) habbits.

In the end i found the DNSChanger for IPv4/IPv6 Open source and ad-free (quite a name) from Frostnerd (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.frostnerd.dnschanger&hl=en&gl=US) that seems to be what it sais.

At least its open-source and adfree, and i had a (very) short glance into the code and it wasnt obviously harmfull.

The technique is quite interesting:

The app opens a (local) vpn and tunnels the traffic through that (locally) to change the DNS for all traffic. Quite elegant to circumvent the rooting-need. (Lets be honest: The only reason you cant just change your DNS is because of phone-advertisements, BUT in many regions VPNs are needed to not be hanged for watching porn or being gay while on your phone, so even the advertising-industry (google) left this loophole to get every bit of traffic through.)

Now i have an ad-free phone. I wonder how long (see the unanticipated problem) pihole will be running.

P.S.: Of course you can use my PI-Hole if you want – as long as its there. 😉

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