I dont like advertisements… PI-Hole for Smartphones!

Well… I recently bought some PS3s because they’re cheap and the last console-generation (to my knowledge) that is (comparatively) easy to jailbreak. But thats another story. Its just the reason that made me do the things i want to tell now. I started youtube on my PS3 and… got advertisements.

Disclaimer on the beginning: I didnt manage to completely block youtube-ads with Pihole, so if thats your goal: dont bother reading further.

As i was trying to block youtube, i noticed its pretty effective against mobile advertisements on my phone.

There were several problems: The PI was only running behind a NAT in my LAN, and my phone isnt rooted so i couldnt set DNS-Resolvers globaly.

The first problem was resolved by me remembering a virtual server i have rented, and installing pihole there:

On that IP i am running the pihole now. After solving that problem, i quickly noticed another problem: PiHole doesnt seem to be able to block malicious clients, so i nearly instantaneously got traffic from two clients demanding IPs for “.” and “sl”.

I blocked them manually and havent got any problems with it so far, and i am unsure if it was just stupidity or malicious. Whatever – manually blocking ips doesnt scale well so i am happy that there were only two.

The second problem i had was, as mentioned above, that my phone isnt rooted and i couldnt simply change my DNS-Resolvers globally. I got around that problem by finding… an APP (who would have guessed).

The Problem is that i wanted to use pihole for more privacy and to use just the first that changes dns-servers isnt the best idea, probably as its possible for those to get quite some insight in my surfing (and app) habbits.

In the end i found the DNSChanger for IPv4/IPv6 Open source and ad-free (quite a name) from Frostnerd (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.frostnerd.dnschanger&hl=en&gl=US) that seems to be what it sais.

At least its open-source and adfree, and i had a (very) short glance into the code and it wasnt obviously harmfull.

The technique is quite interesting:

The app opens a (local) vpn and tunnels the traffic through that (locally) to change the DNS for all traffic. Quite elegant to circumvent the rooting-need. (Lets be honest: The only reason you cant just change your DNS is because of phone-advertisements, BUT in many regions VPNs are needed to not be hanged for watching porn or being gay while on your phone, so even the advertising-industry (google) left this loophole to get every bit of traffic through.)

Now i have an ad-free phone. I wonder how long (see the unanticipated problem) pihole will be running.

P.S.: Of course you can use my PI-Hole if you want – as long as its there. 😉

vnstat is good

not long ago i was surfing on my notebook while outdoors (yes, in winter, i am a little bit insane on that regard – like him… https://stallman.org/favorite-photos.html ) and suddenly my mobile data was used up (that happens in germany because its really expensive – about 5₮ a month per 1 GB data -so we generally dont have much data) and i couldnt surf anymore… if i had known, would have surfed less. the problem is that my provider only lets me check my data in the browser and books the traffic for that (about 2MB every time) from my available data…

so i had an idea:

I am using vnstat (https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/vnStat) for years now on my server(s).

Why not on my notebook?

I have to say: its working flawlessly and as long i only use my mobile-data-stick with my notebook it should be accurate…

TL/DR: Use vnstat – it is very good! Not only on your server but also on your mobile devices 😉

3D-Movies with ColorCode 3-D glasses and Bino

Once in a while i want to watch a 3D-Movie at home. I know, the hype is over, but i really like it.

So as a student who doesnt have so much money, i am watching the movies with Anaglyph glasses ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anaglyph_3D ). As i am colorblind (red-green deficiency) i have not nearly as many problems with color-perception when using normal red-cyan glasses.

For that you can use a function in the vlc-player and just enjoy the film.

BUT: My girlfriend isnt colorblind and didnt like the colors at all…

After some time of searching the web i found another method of coding 3d with cheap glasses and normal TVs:

ColorCode 3D ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ColorCode_3-D )

It is patented but (maybe because of that) never came to much, sadly.

I had to search even more to find a shop that sells them in germany:


Now that i had the glasses, i needed to be able to encode the movie with the right colors to be able to use them.

For that, bino ( https://bino3d.org/ ) came to the rescue. It was hard to install on my archlinux (and maybe i will cover it in another post) but since its running, i am able to watch my 3D movies with my girlfriend in (nearly) full color.

In my opinion its worth a try, as its a quite cheap method to get many people to enjoy 3D-movies (0,80₮ for the glasses vs. idk how many for shutter glasses) and you dont need a special beamer or tv for that.

To be fair: My girlfriend didnt like it that much, but i think that had more to do with the fact that in her opinion the “3d-effect wasnt that obvious” (as many of you know, that has nothing to do with the glasses used, but with the movie etc.) Anyway: She also said that the color-perception was quite good, so thats that…

As for me: I am looking forward to a 3D-Movie-Night with friends, as soon as its allowed again!

A breakout-board (or two…)

For a couple of years now, i am working with microcontrollers. Not arduino but the vanilla-version if you want. i built my own boards and programmers and so on. it was quite fun.

but… the repetition of building all those boards by myself… out of perfboard… gets annoying.

so i stopped doing that and focuced on other projects that were more fun at that time.

short intermezzo why i didnt/dont use arduino:

its bulky, its expencive and it doesnt perform that good (software-wise). and nearly all my applications are low-power, like… LOW power (in the ΞA region) so the arduino-boards use too much power.

(I do use the arduino-nano-boards for my LED-stripes and stuff, but i prefer to use attiny2313 and so on…)

In case you didnt know: the arduino nano is based on the atmega chip. mega shouldnt sound that… nano to you.

tiny is much more nano in that respective.

so… as i said, i grew tired of building a circuitboard everytime i wanted to use one, so i designed a breakout board.

As one can see, i labeled it with the company jannes and i have.

maybe some day someone wants to buy one, and then its already good to go!

After that i went shopping for more microcontrollerse and noticed that the smd-version is much cheaper (over 30%), so i bought the smd-controller and designed the smd-board:

I havent branded it yet, as i didnt order the board right away. i want to wait till the first board is sent here so i can see if i made a stupid error.

we’ll see!

Broken HDD – New System!

This is the second part of https://diemo.best/2020/10/25/my-hdd-broke-down/

So… i decided to use Archlinux! ( https://www.archlinux.org/ )

I have used it in the past and its really lightweight – like REALLY lightweight.

I didnt want to use gentoo because my notebook is a lenovo a275 (the not-intel variant of the x260) and not very powerful. well… archlinux is definetly lightweight…

yesterday i succeded having video and today i got sound 😀

anyway – i have some things i want to write articles about on hold (like the pictures from the visit at the zoo) but i am going to post my experiences with the new system and what i had to do to get it working first, i think.

anyway – lately i am much more motivated to write new posts (i am finally nearly done moving which was… not that pleasent) so i have more mindspace available for this project.

My HDD broke down

So… for the last couple of weeks my system on the notebook was “hanging” from time to time. as i use linux i am not used to that behavour so i investigated with gnome-disks and got confirmation…

Ignore the assessment and look at the various errors: IDs 1, 5 and 7 are the most telling.

I ordered a new HDD (actually the same i used already) – A Seagate Firecuda with 1TB.

As i am a student, my funds are low and they are available for about 50₮ and are reasonably fast with linux, because the system and most used programms fit into the ssd-cache.

Well… the hdd came and… had readerrors right away. shit.

so… i sent it back and bought an ssd from intenso. as i said: funds are low so i could only afford 500GB. the obvious problem: i couldnt just copy the hdd but had to shrink the partitions on the old one.

The TL/DR from this point:

  • i tried to shrink the partition and succeeded BUT probably broke the btrfs root-tree
  • i lost 53kb of data because of the disk-error (unrecoverable read error)
    • i have backups so thats not a problem
  • the copied hdd WOULD NOT START
  • i wasnt able to fix the btrfs root-tree

-> Using btrfs was probably a mistake.

I decided to install a new system as i was annoyed with lubuntu anyway because of the update-notifications and the overall bloatiness of the system.

in my view i had to witness lubuntu changing from a lightweight system for older or smaller devices to an design-alternative to normal ubuntu.

so: what system to use?!

Much happened!

Again i havent written anything in weeks. As i probably have no visitors, it really doesnt matter, but i am sorry anyway.

This time much happened!

  • I digitalized the pictures from my zoo visit
  • I set up a matrix server
  • I set up a mediawiki
  • I experimented with gold leaf and gilt some shells

However, right now i am just teasing this – longer posts will come in the future. However – i will upload a picture from my visit at the zoo in my next post!

Update on nothing

The last days/weeks were very… unproductive. I did a couple of things and nothing is finished yet. I went to Rysum (near Emden) and took a couple of photos and videos that i want to upload, but… later… the video is still rendering, and i want to sort the photos first… 😀 Tomorrow im doing a daytrip to the northsea with my grandparents. probably i will have many more photos to sort after that… I’ll see…