A breakout-board (or two…)

For a couple of years now, i am working with microcontrollers. Not arduino but the vanilla-version if you want. i built my own boards and programmers and so on. it was quite fun.

but… the repetition of building all those boards by myself… out of perfboard… gets annoying.

so i stopped doing that and focuced on other projects that were more fun at that time.

short intermezzo why i didnt/dont use arduino:

its bulky, its expencive and it doesnt perform that good (software-wise). and nearly all my applications are low-power, like… LOW power (in the μA region) so the arduino-boards use too much power.

(I do use the arduino-nano-boards for my LED-stripes and stuff, but i prefer to use attiny2313 and so on…)

In case you didnt know: the arduino nano is based on the atmega chip. mega shouldnt sound that… nano to you.

tiny is much more nano in that respective.

so… as i said, i grew tired of building a circuitboard everytime i wanted to use one, so i designed a breakout board.

As one can see, i labeled it with the company jannes and i have.

maybe some day someone wants to buy one, and then its already good to go!

After that i went shopping for more microcontrollerse and noticed that the smd-version is much cheaper (over 30%), so i bought the smd-controller and designed the smd-board:

I havent branded it yet, as i didnt order the board right away. i want to wait till the first board is sent here so i can see if i made a stupid error.

we’ll see!