How to use aurutils

I dont want to search for my own post just to go to reddit and hope, so:

Search for packages:

aur search $yourpackagename

Install Packages:

aur sync $yourpackagename
sudo pacman -S $yourpackagename

Updating aur:

aur sync -u
sudo pacman -Syu (Updates all packages)

Easy enough… So far…

Setting up Archlinux: aurutils

As i want to have “all” the packages for arch, i want to use the aur-repos with the user-maintained packages.

it is discouraged to use a utility for that because one should be able to fix and edit problems with those packages by themselves should some arise.

but… i am really lazy and after using gentoo (and after that arch) for some years, i think i will be able to at least google fo a solution.

having said that: aurutils…

i had to install them manually, obviosly, as i didnt have aurutils to install packages from aur.

Here is a guide for manual installation:

I used the following site to configure aurutils:

Some guidence on how to use aurutils may be found at .

After that it worked and i could easily install packages from aur, without manually installing them via git.