Neowise C/2020 F3

As said in my last post: Here are two pictures of the Comet, taken in Bremen.

You can see both tails of the comet, the dust-tail and the blue gas-tail.

It gets even more amazing, as the apparent magnitude of the Comet at that time was about 3.5mag to 4.0mag and it was nearly invisible with the naked eye. Even with my 140mm Newton it was barely visible. Modern Cameras (and stackingsoftware) are just amazing!

The photos were taken by Lorenz ( and Marius, friends of mine with whom i went stargazing (and took photos) in Oberneuland, Bremen. Thanks for allowing me to publish them!

As a bonus, he took a nice picture of the Milkyway, shown below:

You can see the pleiades on the right hand side of the tree, as well as the beginning of dawn (even if he took the photo around 3am (GMT+2) .

Up on the right hand side you can even see the andromeda galaxy (if you know where to look)!