Broken HDD – mount as Readonly in fstab

As mentioned before, i have a semi-broken hdd.

When i try to read some specific files i get read-errors and it unmounts. I tried many things but i am at a loss…. for the moment. as its a fairly big hdd (3TB) and i cant backup all files at once i want to mount it readonly, for the moment, soi cant save stuff on it accidentaly.

I know its no long-term solution, but whatever – its a quick fix.

To make it mount readonly i edit the /etc/fstab.

Before that i have to find out the uuid of the hdd with:

sudo blkid

In my case its:

/dev/sdd1: UUID="46f8ba4c-c330-4b9f-8cd5-1bee9e2961d7" UUID_SUB="dcd7f171-9250-4442-b6a8-0b175475f8c3" TYPE="btrfs" PARTUUID="96b59094-606e-4b2a-875f-7471b69cf066"

Now i edit the fstab and add the following line:

UUID=46f8ba4c-c330-4b9f-8cd5-1bee9e2961d7 /media/my_mount_dir btrfs noauto,ro,users 0 0

As i dont want to have it automounted, i put in “noauto”.

At last i have to reload:

sudo mount -a