vnstat is good

not long ago i was surfing on my notebook while outdoors (yes, in winter, i am a little bit insane on that regard – like him… ) and suddenly my mobile data was used up (that happens in germany because its really expensive – about 5€ a month per 1 GB data -so we generally dont have much data) and i couldnt surf anymore… if i had known, would have surfed less. the problem is that my provider only lets me check my data in the browser and books the traffic for that (about 2MB every time) from my available data…

so i had an idea:

I am using vnstat ( for years now on my server(s).

Why not on my notebook?

I have to say: its working flawlessly and as long i only use my mobile-data-stick with my notebook it should be accurate…

TL/DR: Use vnstat – it is very good! Not only on your server but also on your mobile devices 😉

Archlinux – what I have ToDo

After installing the base-system and the minimum to work with, i decided that i want to have lxqt with i3 as windowmanager.

i encountered a couple of problems, some anticipated and some unanticipated. it were so many that i decided to post a todo-list. i wont write about every problem, but about the most interesting or annoying ones.

so here is the list: (items with an x behind them have a post on this site)

  • touchpad: tapping (x)
  • splash screen (boot)
  • powertop
  • i3lock
  • aurutils (x)
  • dmenu (x)
  • changing backlight via keypress doesnt work (x)
  • setting up mosh (locales primarily)
  • installing breeze-cursor
  • steam does not work
  • aurutils: password timed out error
  • network-manager and applet
  • sd-card reader doesnt work
  • installing and configuring redshift
  • automating setting neo keyboard layout by default
  • setting up a background-picture

As i said i wont write a post to evey item on the list but the intereseting ones.

if in the future someone should read this and has a problem with an item on that list and there is no post to it, feel free to comment.

Just writing something…

Okay… I didnt get anything done yet, so i just write what i did the last week or better: what im doing…

I was at the zoo in bremerhaven with my girlfriend last week. i took plenty of pictures but they arent done yet (they are analogue, so they are still in development), so i cant show them, although i think some of them are pretty good.

Then i went stargazing – the comet Neowise ( was still visible and i went with my friends and we took some great photos (digitally, of course). I got the permission to share them here – i will do that in another post. It was a really great night for stargazing!

Then the 3D-Printer broke down again. And i fixed it… again. Honestly: I cant count the number of times i had to repair this damned thing. The nozzle was clogged again. Its the 3rd nozzle in two weeks (and the last one we had). I just replace the whole thing now, because its really much effort to get a really badly clogged nozzle working again. (If i get called because its clogged, freeing it with a small needle has been tried, normally and didnt work…) So… Its working again.

I forgot something, probably, but whatever… I will, however, post one or two nice pictures of the comet and the milkyway in my next post – maybe later today!

Hellriding (the full scope of this pun is an insider)

Okay… So… i planned to visit some old schoolfriends in the city i grew up in (actually in the village beneath, because the parents of a friend i visited are living there, but whatever…)

And as its corona-time right now and i dont have a car and i also dont like to wear masks and as masks are mandatory if you want to board a train… i decided it was a good idea to get there by bike. its not that far. google said its about 75km and my e-bike has a range of about 80km – no problem!

Spoiler: google lied (kind of)…

I navigated with roadsigns – retrospectively that was a (if not the) mistake.

I was 20km away from the village i wanted to be, and suddendly on the next sign i was 40km away. later i found out that they changed the route and made it 20km longer.

google doesnt seem to know it, yet. i cant blame them, it must have been changed within the last 3 weeks.

My battery died after about 70km – it was strong headwind and i was about 3 hours late becaouse for the last 20km my battery and motor were only weights to carry against headwind.

As i got there i was REALLY exhausted….

So… why did i write this post? As an excuse why i didnt write the howto, yet.

But i have to do it soon or i will forget how i did it…

Maybe later today…

on the plus-side: i got some nice motives and hopefully took some good photos… 😀

SSL and HDD – Two completely different Problems that used up way too much time today…

Originally I wanted to write a howto (naturally i write them mainly for my future self) but as its very late i am too lazy for writing it right now…

But… the already mentioned friend of mine and i are using the same server and because we have different websites on it at the same time we use vhosts on the apache webserver.

I had already configured ssl for the existing domains and he bought a new domain… i think you can already guess where this is going.

he wanted to have working ssl on his new domain. well… i spent about 8 hours today fixing the setup because it went to not working at all… at least now i know every possibility how to not configure vhosts with ssl… AND at least one that works and is relatively clean and not awful.

Other things that happened: My HDD is breaking down. Naturally i have a backup, but as it is the hdd with the not much used data, my backup is on tape so i decided, as the hdd isnt broken down yet (it spins down every now and then und has read-errors) i just copy the data from there. if its not working i still have the backup, and as i do the backups monthly (mid of month) i can be sure to get all the data if it works. As its always automatically unmounting its a very timeconsuming process to find the right arguments to copy the data, but it seems to be working right now…

As i was fixing my computerissues anyway i did a system-upgrade of my desktop-pc as well – for good measure… 😀

Now im going to sleep – my pc is working and that usually lets me sleep very well as i know at least some”body” is doing work then…