Today’s work

As i dont want to upload another picture right now, im just going to write down what i did today.

Foreshadowing: probably some content for future posts…

So… i got up fairly early ( about 8 am) because my girlfriend forgot to turn off her alarm. Personally i think she just wants to get up earlier than me (my alarm was set to 8:40 am) – and she doesnt like my alarmsound so she tries to avoid it – and as i disable my alarm when i get up, she succeeded in that. so… whatever… i got up at 8, and she went to her place because she had much to do. i had an appointment for breakfast with my neighbours at 9, so i had some time to do things i wanted to do anyway. naturally i got to my pc and started rendering some videos of my projects that i want to publish. as i have a relatively old computer and the videos are mostly in 4k it is still rendering (about 9pm, now). to be honest: i prepared a queue and went to have breakfast and paused it afterwards to edit some other videos. anyway… at this point you probably notice that i dont have a concept for this post and im just writing what comes to my mind – sorry for that. i dont have the head right now to think of a good story or exciting manner to tell what i did. where was i? ah, yeah… after the breakfast… a friend and i have a small business centered around a 3d-printer and my skill to repair it… he designes stuff and we print it and then sell it. we also print on demand for other people. so i was editing a video of me building the electronics for a dead-space marker he printed. so… that took about 6 hours and im about 80% done… so… i would guess about 6 hours left… afterwards i went to take care of another project i do (or did) with another friend of mine – making mead. its almost done and we will have about 18 liters of nice honey-elder-mead in a couple of days. (maybe i will do a video of that, too, but as we are nearly finished… maybe of the tasting… so… after THAT i went to the friend i first mentioned to get some raw-videos (140gb) to transcode and edit. while being there i connected a battery pack i built out of 18650-lipo batterys for an rc-boat we are building (partially to promote the 3D-business) to a voltage-converter i built from scratch, so he can power his fucking(!!1!) motor (11V) and receiver (5V) from mentioned battery without having to use an extra battery. he bothers me about wanting to be able to test his 1kW motor for about two weeks now, so i was getting really annoyed – but thats done. as i was already on the workplace i recorded an “unboxing” video. i unboxed some lipo-batteries. way more boring than i thought, but whatever… then it was about 8pm and i went home and began to write this. its now 9:10pm and my pizza is done. i think i had good timing… so… whoever reads this can expect some content in the near future… maybe we will go viral or so with the boat or me building the marker… but thats unlikely 😀