Testing the DSGVO-conform embedding of a youtube-video (of myself)

As i plan to make more videos in the future, i want to test the dsgvo-conform embedding of my first youtube-video, as its not really relevant, yet.

I hate the dsgvo… Its good for privacy and all… But… i think its a little much… I have to add the picture for youtube manually…

I should look up another way to embed youtube or look up how expencive the fine would be… Maybe if the user agrees to the conditions at the start… We’ll see…

Testing CodeMirror Blocks

I just wanted to test the plugin “CodeMirror” in WordPress…

Testing CodeMirror Blocks (Plugin for WordPress);
string = "interesting";
int = 3;
double = 3.14159265;

Okay - As I only want to test the design this should be enough.